Footcare Advice

Footcare for the Elderly, Diabetic and those with Poor Circulation

Persons suffering from diabetes must be especially careful with their feet, the same applies to the aged due to the poor circulation that usually accompanies age. Infection of the feet in diabetic conditions can be most serious.

Intelligent care of your feet may add years to your life. Take heed of your Chiropodist’s advice and do not attempt home treatments. Consult your Chiropodist for the care of corns, callouses, ingrown nails and other manifestations.
Feet are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, yet most people tend to neglect them. For the majority, this is not too serious but for the diabetic it can have dire consequences.

People who have had diabetes for a long time often have damage to the nerve and blood supply of their feet, poor circulation also often accompanies age. The symptoms of nerve damage include numbness, loss of feeling, tingling, burning sensations or pain. Those of impaired blood supply include pain at rest, especially at night; pain in the calf whilst walking, and feet that feel cold to the touch.

Every year thousands of people have toes, feet and even legs, amputated because of diabetes related foot problems. Most of these could have been prevented by proper foot care. When you have diabetes it makes sense to take a lot extra care of your feet.

Good foot care makes sense, your doctor and Chiropodist are there to help you.

Tips on Footcare:
  • Take regular exercise to improve circulation.
  • Do not sit with your legs crossed, nor walk about barefoot, even in the house.
  • If your eyesight is poor, ask a member of your family or a friend to examine your feet on a regular (preferably daily) basis, but do not let them cut corns and callouses for you.
  • Never use animal wool around your toes, it shrinks and may cut off the circulation.
  • Do not use hot poultices.
  • If you sit close to a fire, protect your legs with a blanket to prevent damage to the skin.
  • Do not use hot water bottles, the heat can be dangerous. Use an electric blanket, but remember to switch it off before getting into bed.
  • Do not use commercial corn pastes, paints or plasters, they can and do, cause serious damage.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking impairs the circulation, particularly in persons with diabetes. It can seriously worsen foot and leg problems.